Charitable Trusts

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Funding application is now open to the  the following New Zealand Charitable Trusts most of whom have a monthly closing date:

Pub Charity

Southern Trust

Lion Foundation

The Trusts Charitable

Portage Trust

Examples of other Charitable Trusts in New Zealand who have their own timetable of closing dates are:

Lottery Grants

Community Organisation grants scheme

ASB Community Trust

Sky City Community Trust

Acorn Foundation

Bay Trust

JR McKenzie Trust

United Way


The above Trusts are only a sample of the Trusts available in New Zealand for funding application. However many of the Charitable Trusts who donate significant grants or donations are not publicised and for this reason it is advantageous to contract experts in the field such as FundingNZ. 

The success of any funding plan relies on funding application to as many Charitable Trusts as possible to ensure your service has maximum exposure and the greatest chance of acceptance. Application has to be made for the right sections of your service at the right time plus to match funders closing dates.

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FundingNZ can introduce you to new Charitable Trusts who will assist you with sustainability.