Take the Stress out of Charitable Trust Fundraising!Contract a Professional Grant Writer to Write Funding Applications for you!


A professional Grant Writer will

Raise you more money

Reduce your fixed costs and overheads

Free up Valuable Staff Resources

Free up Workspace

Increase your profile in community

FundingNZ has raised over $20 Million Dollars for Charities in the last 15 years! We know who to apply to, what to apply for and how and when to apply 

An increasing number of astute Not for Profits are contracting the services of a Professional Grant Writer so they can increase the amount of funding they receive from the Charitable Trust sector.

There is no doubt that Charitable Trust funding has become more difficult to obtain and for this reason it is critical that funding applications are now completed professionally so as to maximise ones chances for support. Many Not for Profits have elected to contract the services of FundingNZ because of our track record of success!  

We’ve all heard the old saying that, “you can’t beat a person at their own trade”. Well, the same thing applies to grant proposal writing. Since the start of the current recession grant proposal writing has become far more complex and now requires considerable skills in sales and marketing in order to be successful over the long term. Not just successful in preparing the grant but successful in maintaining a…..Read more

FundingNZ …helping you to help others!… New Zealand has many great new community initiatives that are innovative and have the potential to provide a positive impact on the health and well being of the New Zealand Community. Unfortunately due to  a lack of sufficient funding or grants these new initiatives often never reach their full potential. FundingNZ has 20 years of experience assisting community organisations achieve greater sustainability with funding from the Charitable Trust sector.. Read More

Have you ever considered their could be an easier way of raising funds for your organisation? Well, there is but involves creating a complete funding strategy for sustainability. Charitable Trust funding normally forms just the first step in such a strategy. If you wish to find out more about how your organisation could achieve greater sustainabilitythen maybe you should give us a call …Contact us Now